The road to Recovery will not always be easy, take it one day at a time, focusing on the moments.

– Amanda Lindhout (Canadian Humanitarian, Public Speaker and Journalist)


Funds Recovery Professionals Inc. is an international network of highly skilled and experienced legal practitioners dedicated to assisting individuals and corporations across the world who have lost investments to fraud and need to recover their funds.

Our Services

As our name implies, Funds Recovery Professionals provides much-needed assistance to victims who need to recover their stolen funds.


Our experienced team of international legal practitioners, law enforcement experts, negotiators, and arbitrators do all it takes to make sure clients recover their funds.


We go the extra mile to provide our clients with the highest advisory and expertise levels when managing their affairs to recover their funds.


We boast of an effective management system that gives each client the maximum support, resource, and team needed to recover their stolen funds.


Our strong values and commitment enable us to build strong alliances with our clients to allow us to take control of any situation and recover their stolen funds.

It’s Time To Relax!!!

While we help you recover your lost or stolen funds.

Team Members

Head of Operations

Steve Rodri, Jr.

Head of Operations
Head, Legal Forensics

Nikita Fergurson

Head, Legal Forensics
Head, Investigations

Kenneth Richards

Head, Investigations
Head of I.T.

Zhang Wei

Head of I.T.


Diane Elizabeth

“They took all I ever worked for, but Funds Recovery Professionals went after them and recovered every penny back. Thank you once again.”

Diane Elizabeth (Edinburgh, UK)

James Fellaini

“Writing a testimonial statement is the least I could do really for the wonderful work you did in helping recover my stolen funds back. Thank you and God bless you.”

James Fellaini (Bruges, Belgium)

Daniel Jefferson

“Thank you Funds Recovery Pro for representing me and making sure I got my funds back”

Daniel Jefferson (St. Davids, Wales)

Juliet Mushatt

“BEC scams are real and I am a living witness. Without the express assistance from the experts at Funds Recovery Professionals, I would have been dead by now.”

Juliet Mushatt (Seattle, USA)

Bridget Anderson

“My African lover I met on Facebook duped me of my mortgage funds and I thought all hopes were lost until a sister from prayer meeting introduced me to Funds Recovery Professionals. I got a reasonable amount of my mortgage funds back.”

Bridget Anderson (Boston, USA)

Sato Takahashi

“I never believed I’ll ever recover my lost investments in Binary Options. But these professionals proved to me that every fraudulent transaction can be tracked, recovered, and returned.”

Sato Takahashi (Fukuoka, Japan)

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